A is the beginning of the English alphabet

Hi there!

First let me start with the full english alphabet typed out in a row without space in between.



Life as an illustrator is not as literal as the title implies. It’s complicated in a good way. It is a career that others would ask a lot and I need to keep myself “updated”. As I explore around different fields, I found something interesting here and there. I like to tell stories so here I am making a “blog”. it’s not chronological or logical even. I’m not going to bore you with what time do I brush my teeth and that kind of stuff (hopefully I won’t).

I am expecting some big changes (again) in my life really soon and I wish I could use this place to record my craziness. I might not write anything as well, or hide later, so enjoy if you do while you can.

Since the beginning of 2019, I have been creating digital illustrations, game concept art, Logo design, motion graphics and a typeface . A TYPEFACE. AND I MADE IT! It was solid and I annoyed my coworkers so much when adjusting kernings with clicking left and right buttons constantly for a month. There are over 1000 pairs! It took me some time to regain my ability to recognize letters as they are because at that moment they were just a bunch of funny zig-zag shapes.

After that was all done and I was ready to present them in alphabet order, I just didn’t feel like typing out the alphabet by myself. So I googled “alphabet”. And guess what? There is no such a list of alphabets in a row in the first page of the result. There were images of them, or a vertical row with brief history or some other stuffs. Then I tried “English Alphabet” “Alphabet list”. Nothing. It was almost funny to me that it was so challenging to find an alphabet list online. So here I typed the full list. Please use it for your own convenience. Think of them as my little contribution to the human kind living in a world of sharing.

With the alphabet, everything can start, to make sense.