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Ora Xu is a Montreal based Chinese illustrator and painter. She aims to deliver obscuring messages through mundane objects. She works in the surrealist style with a cyberpunk-ish palette. Her paintings consist of representational creatures in fairytale environments. She works in a wide range of mediums and topics but her works always maintain a meticulously designed and stylish manner, which she defines as kawaiiccentric (kawaii+eccentric) .

Ora is a multiple time Hiii Illustration International Competition finalist, merit award winner of iJungle Illustration Award 2018 and New Talent Annual 2019. She is the author and illustrator of Not about the Earth and Days without You (published by China Technology and Science Press, 2019).  Currently she is creating a series of cool illustrations of flowers, monsters and puffy rabbits. Cheers!

・Please send flowers / commissions / questions to oraxu.art@gmail.com ・